Heartwood Gathering will once again be held at the beautiful Ganaraska Forest Center near Port Hope, Ontario.

Situated amongst 11,000 acres of majestic forest, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, tree top trekking and more.

The Ganaraska Forest Center is a private facility within the public conservation area. It is a site used by the public for a number of recreational activities, but the buildings are reserved for Heartwood Gathering participants only. The multi-use centre was constructed in 2009, so the facilities are new, clean, spacious, and fully accessible. Indoor accommodations, as well as camping, are available for participants of the Heartwood Gathering. For details visit the Accommodations page.

There is no public transportation to the site so for those in need of a ride, or if you have one to offer, please post on our Rideshare Board.

Please note that cell service is poor at the Ganaraska Forest Location. Be prepared to not have WiFi or be able to communicate easily with friends or family offsite. There is a pay phone located onsite for emergencies. Bringing cash is a good idea as there will be quite a few vendors on site who will not be able to use digital payment apps to process purchases due to the spotty WiFi.