If you can’t find an answer to your question here please email us at info@heartwoodgathering.ca


Q. Can I bring my dog/cat/hamster/duck to the gathering?

A. No, no pets please.

Q. Is this a child friendly event?

A. No. While we would one day like to incorporate children’s programming into the gathering we are not set up for that at this point. Also we are not insured as a family friendly event.

Q. Can I sleep in my car?

A. Sure, but you will have to pay for camping. People who opt to sleep in their car still have access to the bathrooms, outdoor dish washing stations, ect. The $20/night camping fee helps cover the cost of the facility.

Q. What are the meals like at Heartwood?

A. The meals are made using as much fresh, local and organic produce as possible. All meals are vegetarian. All meals are served buffet style. Many meals have a build it yourself element to them (ex. Buddha bowls) which is helpful for some people who are trying to avoid certain foods. We do not have access to the menu ahead of time so each meal is a surprise.  If you have an life threatening allergy please consider bringing your own food.

Q. If I am not on the meal plan what do I do about food?

A. If you are not on the meal plan you will need to bring your own food. There is no place in the Ganaraska Forest Centre where you can store or cook your food. You are responsible for the critter proof storage and cooking of your meals. There will be an outdoor dish washing station set up with water, soap, and cloths. Coffee and herbal tea is available for all participants even those not on the meal plan. Additionally there is a small canteen of snack foods available for purchase in the tea salon.

Q. Where nearby can I stay the night? Or go grab lunch?

A. The Ganaraska Forest Centre is 30 minutes from the nearest town centre of Port Hope. Part of the enjoyment of Heartwood is getting to know other plant loving folks such as yourself so join the meal plan or pack a lunch and stay awhile.

There is a small smattering of BnB’s offered in the area. A quick Air BnB search would bring up what is around. Because the Ganaraska Forest Centre is over an hour from Toronto many people opt to come for the day, go home to sleep and come back in the morning for day 2.

Here are a few within a 25 minute drive:

Moonlight & Pine B&B

The Hive B&B

Country Pride B&B

Best Western Plus Bowmanville

Twin Oaks Hotel

Q. I am looking to join a car pool or have space in my car. Where do I connect with others?

A. The Heartwood Gathering has a carpool board here: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/4gpue6