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The Heartwood Gathering is brought to life by many hands and hearts. Beyond the talented instructors and core organizing team, Heartwood is accepting applications for Key Roles as well as our Volunteer work-trade team. Please read on if you are interested in applying.


Heartwood is looking for a team of special folks to help bring the gathering to life. Volunteer roles are work-trade positions and as such are compensated with conference entry and camping ($280.00 value). Volunteers do hard but satisfying work and are part of the dynamic Heartwood team! If you are interested in this work-trade position please follow the link below to apply online.


**Please note Volunteers must be available from 9am Friday morning to 9pm Sunday evening, no exceptions**

Volunteer Registration Form

Marketing and Advertising Coordinator

Heartwood Gathering is looking for someone to assist with pre-gathering marketing and advertising. This individual will coordinate distribution of print advertising in neighboring communities (Peterborough/Toronto/GTA), research and coordinate advertising in relevant print media (with confirmation from organizing team), promote the event through online event calendars and find new networks to share Heartwood Gathering print and electronic advertising material. Creation of promotional material and social media posts are managed by organizing team. This person will work closely with organizing team in the months leading up to the gathering and will have a negotiated budget for expenses.

Skill Sets:

  • Advertising/Marketing experience
  • Friendly and personable
  • Outgoing and willing to promote gathering and ask for advertising space
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Access to transportation and willingness to travel for at least one day to distribute print advertising

Compensation: Conference Entry, Meals (Friday dinner-Sunday Lunch) & Camping ($389.85 value)

To apply please contact Carly Joynt at with the subject line Marketing and Advertising. In the e-mail please address the above points and attach a résumé.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Heartwood Gathering is looking for an incredibly organized and outgoing individual to oversee our team of 20+ volunteers at the gathering. This person will be a task-master, morale booster, and delegation wizard. The position is a paid (honorarium) position which starts pre-conference with an orientation from the heartwood team. During the gathering, the Volunteer Coordinator will be able to participate in classes and other activities however they will prioritize volunteer coordination at all times. This position will be supported and directed by the event coordinators before the gathering, and onsite throughout the duration of the gathering. Applicants having attended and/or volunteered at previous Heartwood Gatherings will be prioritized.

Required Skillset:

  • Incredibly organized
  • Wicked time management skills
  • Loves community
  • Loves Heartwood Gathering and or plants in general
  • Previous experience organizing volunteer teams
  • Will prioritize their position during the event
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Has a keen eye for what needs to get done
  • Can work well independently

Compensation: Conference Entry, Meals (Friday dinner-Sunday Lunch) & Camping ($389.85 value) + Honorarium

To apply contact Carly Joynt at with the subject line ‘Volunteer Coordinator’. Please address the above points and attach a résumé.



The Heartwood Gathering is looking for a fabulous photographer to document the beauty of this year’s gathering. The position includes taking photos of opening and closing circles, workshops, evening events, free time and keynote lecture. This person must be someone that is interested in attending the gathering, but who will prioritize photography over attending workshops, although this person is more than welcome to attend workshops when not capturing stunning images! As part of this position, we expect the photographer to provide a set of no less than 100 edited, discreetly watermarked images for use on social media and future marketing material by zip-drive no later than August 4th, 2017. The photographer may use the community table at the gathering to advertise their work.

Looking for the following skill set:

  • Experience in event photography
  • Interest in herbs, community and Heartwood Gathering
  • Willing to flow in and out of participation the workshops and activities to take photos
  • Confident and willing to get up-close and personal to take great shots

Compensation: Conference Entry, Meals (Friday dinner-Sunday Lunch) & Camping ($389.85 value) + Honorarium

To apply please contact Carly Joynt at with the subject line Heartwood Photographer. Please address the above points and provide a sample of your work.


Tea-Salon Coordinator

Have you ever dreamed of running your own tea-apothecary? Do you relish the opportunity to choose the perfect herbs to make tea blends of your own fantastical creation to serve and heal a large group of people? Well, this may be the job for you. Heartwood is looking to hire someone who is passionate about herbal tea to run our tea-salon at the Heartwood Gathering this year. As Tea-Salon Proprietor, you will prepare large amounts of exceptional tea blends for our conference of 200-300 participants. You will organize a team of volunteers to support your kitchen witchery and you will confidently run all operations of the tea salon while being held in the support of the Heartwood Core team. This is a paid position and as such it’s important to know that participation in the gathering itself will be highly dependent on the needs of the salon as that is to be prioritized. Equipment including tea urns, pots, burners, and dried herbs provided through donation will be provided. You will be responsible for purchasing and transporting fresh ingredients (with a budget and must provide receipts), providing decorations and signage for your station. You will also have several volunteers during the gathering. If you think you’re up for the job please read on.

*Will also accept team applications as well for a pair of herbal witches.

Heartwood is looking for someone(s) with the following skill set:

  • Previous kitchen experience and strong food safety handling knowledge
  • Ability to gauge hot and cold tea quantities required for large groups
  • A background in herbal studies
  • Knowledgeable of safe herbs for pregnant and nursing women
  • Wildly creative Imagination
  • A great sense of flavour blending
  • Time management
  • Strong communication skills
  • Friendly
  • Good work ethic
  • Able to work independently

Compensation: The Coordinator of the Tea Salon will offered Conference Entry, Meals (Friday dinner-Sunday Lunch) & Camping ($389.85 value) plus an honorarium.

To apply please send an e-mail and résumé to Carly at with the subject line TEA SALON, addressing the above posting and please add a couple of sample tea blend ideas for the gathering!